These are the mumblings of topics I have come to consider worthwhile during my stay on earth.


This space isn't intended for any specific thing.  It is more so topics I find interesting or feel should have some exposure.  It is also a place to house some work related mentions.  I anticipate having things such as tutorials, research on things I find interesting and more.


Motion Picture Stuff

I currently work in the film industry as a look development artist.  Click below if you want to know more.

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Things Related To Ketosis

A while ago I became interested in helping my wife and some of her digestive problems she was experiencing.  Soon, after digging through literature, videos, books, interviews, etc, I became fascinated about how and why we came to be able to process ketone's and how they may be beneficial or not.

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Things Related To Permaculture

For various reasons I found myself looking to the future in terms of personal food security and ways to combat rising prices in food.  What I found was a cool idea of systems level thinking merged with general ethics that I align myself with.  Some say permaculture is the way of the future while others don't care.  If you do care, check it out.

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